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Goal-oriented Activities for Corporate Team-building

Corporate Team-building Activities
So that the final output of your organization is nothing short of excellent, here's a look into some fun corporate team-building activities that you can employ, to help your employees function at their best.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jan 2, 2019
In a corporate environment, no goal can be achieved without teamwork. However, not every employee is cut out to bond with others easily, and sometimes, additional effort is required to ensure that this bonding occurs.
Only if a team communicates well, trusts the opinion, ideas, and beliefs of each member, can it function effectively and achieve the common goal of the organization. To implement such teamwork, here are some competitive and non-competitive team-building activities that you can have your employees indulge in to forge a strong bond.
No, this can't be happening
Have your team develop a strong and trustful bond with this activity, that centers on the kidnapping of a team leader. All players are to be divided into groups of 5, and a leader is to be chosen.
The leader of each team is then kidnapped by one group for a ransom. Each team is given a map and some clues, based on which they are expected to find their leaders. The team to find their leader first wins. This is one game that should be played outdoors, so that the fun and the mystery increases.
Moreover, this game can go on for a whole day, unless of course a time limit is set on the time taken to find the leaders. Not only does it help team members work together, it creates a healthy workplace relationship, aids the creation of innovative solutions, and works as a method of problem solving.
Watch Your Step
Businessman Assisting Blindfolded Partner
This activity aids the development of trust between colleagues and also helps strengthen communication. In a large space, several objects are scattered on the floor. Colleagues are divided into pairs of two, and one is blindfolded.
The other member of the pair is then asked to verbally guide his accomplice across the space without hitting any of the objects on the floor. Every hit is a penalty, which means, the pair has to start all over from the beginning. The game is then repeated when the partners switch roles.
Once the game is over, you can ask team members how effective the communication was, and how much it can be improved. Before the game, it is a good idea to give each team a couple of minutes to strategize on how they will go about playing the game. See how the relationships change and develop after the game.
Whip it Up
Colleagues making grill at picnic
Not everyone is a great cook, and that is this challenge activity; learning a task that you are not well-versed with, by drawing from the experience and talent of others. All colleagues are divided into groups of even numbers, and given certain supplies to prepare a full-fledged meal.
Since everyone may not be a good cook, it is important that the meals they are asked to prepare be simple. But it should be a full course, i.e., include a drink, the meal, and dessert. Watch how each group devises a strategy to go about this task, and accomplishes it within a stipulated time period.
A designated head chef will decide which preparation is the best, based on presentation and taste. This task will probably require the organization to hire a place equipped with all the necessary material to complete this task.
Picassos in the Making
This is a non-competitive activity that works to show how each section of an organization functions individually for a common goal. Everyone is divided into groups of four, and asked to create some kind of artwork on a square or rectangular canvas.
Once everyone is done, these canvases are joined together to create a unique masterpiece thereafter, which you can proudly display in your organization. This could serve as some inspiration every time your organization is required to come together to face challenging situations and emerge victorious.
Finally, one of the best ideas could be the creation of your own activities. Have your employees come up with their own ideas and opinions about team-building, and methods to implement these ideas. Remember, a team that bonds well together will only improve the final output of the organization.