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Corporate Event Ideas

Scholasticus K Feb 6, 2019
Work can become monotonous, and frustrating. Hence, a corporate event is needed to break the stress. Here are some ideas that will help you plan an event, which will not only allow employees to socialize, but will also act as a team-building exercise for your organization.
Business organizations are continuously working, eight hours a day, six days a week. This timetable often proves to be pretty tedious and employees often need more than just a Sunday to keep their spirits up. Corporate events are basically functions that help people, or rather colleagues, to bond with each other outside their usual work environment.
These events often lead to long-lasting friendships and relationships. Such events are also great ice breakers between superiors and their subordinates. On the whole, there is nothing better than bonding with other members of the same business organization, outside the working environment.

Interesting Ideas

Some corporate event ideas such as an outing, evening party have become quite old. The following are some really innovative ones that you can use.

Sports Day

A great idea to relieve stress and tension is organizing a sports day. You can rent out a sports complex or gymnasium for an entire day to check out the killer instinct of all your employees.
For higher budgets, you may also try out some adventure sports such as sky diving, paragliding, etc. You may also try out some water sports, such as surfing and diving. Believe it or not, a sports day is a great stress reliever.


If not sports, then hiking. Nothing like a long walk through nature to build a strong team spirit.
Your walk through nature can be totally in isolation from civilization. This is an ideal way to build your team unity. Take the employees into an enormous forest, and roam about for a couple of days. When you come out of the forest, all your employees are bound to adjust with each other.

Cooking Day

Give your employees a chance to display their culinary skills and have a cooking day. This is also an excellent idea to break the tensions between superiors and their subordinates.

Team Building Activities

You can conduct many team building activities regularly throughout the year. Small games such as brain games, one minute games, etc., become great stress relievers.

Rock Show

A small rock concert revives the spirits of your employees. You can even have a theme party side by side. For example, have a cowboy theme if you are inviting a country rock band to play, or you can also have a Gothic culture theme if you are having a heavy metal band.


This is a great one. Along with your normal party, you can also have a karaoke session where people can revel their singing talents. Believe it or not, this is probably the best stress reliever and also a great ice breaker.


There is no end to excuses for being happy and joyous. So celebrate and be happy.
Special occasions, like the company's anniversary, birthdays, religiously important days and festivals should be celebrated. Such celebrations help in increasing the feeling of integrity within the employees.
There is almost no end to the different ideas that can be churned out. It is important that one keeps the event simple and enjoyable. It is also always better to have such short events, every month or even every week.