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Core Personal and Organizational Values

Do You Follow These Core Personal and Organizational Values?

Our core values and beliefs determine our progress and success in life. Read on to know more about personal and organizational beliefs and values.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018
Have you ever thought why we behave the way we do? Or what is the basis on which we take our important life decisions? Well, a lot of it has to do with the kind of upbringing we have had, our experiences in life, and what all we have learned from them.
It is on the basis of our experiences as well as our upbringing, our grasp of things around us, that helps us formulate our own personal values. It is these values that guide us when we are taking some decisions or behaving in a particular manner in our lives.
Organizations too, these days, are guided by a set of their own core values. Although profit-making is the main motive of all businesses, following certain values is equally important for them to maintain their goodwill in the market. Let us try to know a bit more about these personal as well as organizational values.
Personal Values
Our personal values are mostly formed in our childhood and are greatly influenced by our parents and teachers. It is only in our childhood that we learn through our elders and also through observation of things around us about what is right and what is wrong.
Later, when we grow a bit older, perhaps when we are in our teens, our friends too have a great influence on us. At that particular time in our lives, our old values formed from childhood might even get replaced by some new ones.
Trust between collaborators is very important for business
When a person acquires adulthood, the kind of friends he/she chooses, the profession he/she opts for, the hobbies he/she pursues, the partner he/she seeks, and all such important decisions are subconsciously based on some values and beliefs held by the person.
Their secret is great teamwork
Some examples are, all humans are equal/men are superior to women, a person makes his/her own life/a person cannot fight his/her destiny. Some of the universally accepted values are honesty, integrity, commitment, care, respect for others, and humanity.
Organizational Values
Notebook with Tools and Notes about Values
Organizational values and beliefs guide it in its day-to-day functioning. Here is a list of some of them that most organizations strive for in the modern business scenario.
Friendly sales clerk with customer
Customer is the king. It is because of customers that businesses thrive. So, they should be satisfied by being offered new, innovative products and excellent service.
Discussing Project
An organization cannot run without its employees. So, employees should be well supported by the organization so that their imagination, creativity, innovation, and potential can be fully realized.
Integrity conceptual compass
An organization will do its business with full honesty and integrity. It will develop trust and meaningful relationships with whosoever it deals with, be it customers, investors, employees, shareholders, or suppliers.
An organization will work very efficiently by optimally utilizing all its resources. Thus, efficiency plays a big role in business ethics.
There is no standard set of beliefs, be it personal or organizational, as what is right for one person/organization might be wrong for another.
However, as all our major decisions are based on our beliefs, our development and success in life is largely determined by them too. So a lot of thought, care, and caution should be thrown in to form personal values of our own.