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Cool Supplies Every Office Must Have

Aparna Jadhav Nov 20, 2018
Take a look at some cool office supplies mentioned here, if you're bored of your daily, single colored, office cubicle. Take help from the following ideas and pep up your cubicle with bright colors.
Your desk, cubicle, or cabin is your personal place, where you spend almost 8 hours of the day. If you are going to be there for such a long time, why not add some color to the, either gray or blue, formal background. There are so many ways you can decorate your cubicles and make them look really attractive.
Having too much stuff around your workplace might distract you from work, but a very simple desk can also makes you feel blue and unhappy. You don't have to be very jazzy about making your desk look great, but simply get some cool office supplies and your job's done!

Unique Supplies for Offices

Pen stands, staplers, clipboards, etc., are some of the supplies, which you can use to change the look of your computer desks very casually.
There are many people, who go a bit over the top with their decorations, which might just get them into trouble with the authorities. Thus, to avoid that, keep it plain and simple!


To start with the list, you can have an attractive MeBox, which can be of cool colors. This box can be used to keep your personal belongings like picture frames, coffee mugs, files and folders, and other things which you need to have.
To make it look peppy and stylish, you can punch out whatever you want on one of the sides of the box, like your name or a phrase that you like. MeBoxes are a great convenience as they can hold the extra mess, which otherwise would be lying on your desk.

File Holders

There are many colorful and funky file holders, which look very attractive on your neat and tidy desk. There are holders which can have your personal favorite characters or cartoons on them, just to add a bit of you on your desk.
Plain colored holders also make the place look bright and cheerful when they are organized properly. You won't have to keep your files and folders on the desk or in the drawers and keep looking for the important ones every time they are needed, because of the holders.


There are many funky styles of staplers that are available in the market today. Some of them are the golf stapler, heeled staplers, and many other shapes and sizes in which they are available. You name it and they have it, simply in the form of a stapler. All you got to do is, add pins and use them.
These cool staplers are not only useful, but also look trendy on your desk. There are many staple free staplers, which are also available in many shapes and colors like dolls, animals, and toys.

Fun-ky Keys

If you are bored with using the same alphabetical computer keys on your keyboard, there is a very funky alternative you can choose. These keys are colored and have different pictures on them like, aliens, footsteps, sunglasses, coffee cup, dynamite, etc.
They are truly a fun replacement for your plain black or white keys. This can be one of the great cubicle decorating ideas, which can be implemented on your desks.

Paper clips

One of the very basic supplies are paper clips, which have alphabets on them. Well, this not only makes organizing things easier, but it also styles it up!
They are very trendy and look great when used instead of your usual steel ones. These clips can also be colored and made of plastic, which look great too.
Another choice you can have are the normal colored ones, which are not alphabetical, but plain. These ways on how to decorate your cubicle, too can add some color on your desk.
Some more office supplies can be;
  • Golf Pen and Notepad
  • Inanimate Character Stickers
  • Color Mechanical Pencils Set
  • Toast Notes
  • Diamond Ring Paperweight
  • Stylish Pencil Holders
With these ultimate ideas, you can surely jazz up your desk or cubicle by just the right amount. But, whatever you do, make sure, your boss likes it!