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Construction Safety Meeting Topics

Major Safety Meeting Topics Discussed at Construction Sites

There are several construction safety meeting topics that need to be discussed when talking about construction safety. That is what we will be touching upon in the following article. Read and learn.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Safety as a topic is probably only given its due importance when it comes to home safety, because that is the place that we care about most and would want to do everything to ensure our safety there. But along with safety at home (and due to the fact that we do not spend all our time at home), there are several other locations and situations that we should be looking into as far as safety is concerned. In the following article we shall be talking about one such topic on workplace safety and that is the issue of construction safety meeting topics. Let us see what some of the construction safety meeting issues are and try to understand them.
Protective Gear
The main factor to look into when it comes to safety topics in construction is the protective gear that the construction workers and supervisors, or the engineers wear on the site. Here are some of the important construction safety meeting topics to discuss.
  • Is there proper use of safety glasses and glares being made?
  • Is hand protection, like gloves and other equipment made available and being used correctly?
  • Is proper eye protective gear being used while wielding or handling any other equipment which might cause danger to the eyes?
  • Are hard hats being worn when there is a danger of falling objects and other construction material?
  • Is there any provision being made, like protective masks to shield against chemical spills?
  • Is there proper use of footgear being made?
  • Is there a full body harness being used at all times to protect from a fall?
  • Are the ears protected with proper hearing protection plans?
  • Are rebar caps being used for steel posts that are protruding?
  • Are dusk masks being given?
  • Is there a first aid tool present on the construction site?
Electrical Items
The following is a list of construction safety meeting ideas on electrical safety that one needs to discuss in the meetings. These safety topics in the workplace need to be duly discussed and executed:
  • Are all the electrical chords checked to see that they do not lead to a short circuit?
  • Are all the electrical panels labeled properly?
  • Is the equipment that is being made use of certified and meets all the standards?
  • Are all the electrical power tools grounded and doubly insulated?
  • Has it been checked to see that there is no water leakage which might seep into the electrical tools and cause a short circuit or fire to break out?
  • Are all the light bulbs fit in properly so that there is no breakage?
  • Have all the chords been inspected to see that their prongs are in place?
  • Is proper provision for fire safety being implemented.
Construction Tools
Handling construction tools in the safest manner possible is something that needs to be learned. Here are some of the safety topics for work that need to be looked into in the following category:
  • All the ladders that are used on the construction site, are they in accordance with the construction requirements and has a provision for special task ladders been made?
  • Are all the ladders that are used safe and properly inspected for their safety?
  • Is the crane capacity calculated for every crane and a written plan for safety regulations in the workplace been put up?
  • Have proper stair rails been added at 30 feet and the change in elevator plans been given?
  • Are all unsafe hand tools prohibited?
  • Have all the hooks used for lifting been latched into place?
  • Have all the tools that are used for construction like hammers, nails, saws, and other items maintained in a proper space so that they do not lead to danger for anyone?
  • When setting up scaffolds, are guardrails used?
  • Is there a supervisor present at all times to check on the safety of the site?
  • Have the hoses of all the pneumatic power tools been secured?
  • Whenever the compressed gas cylinders are not in use, are their caps properly secured?
Slips and Falls
Slips and falls are some of the most common things that happen at a construction site. Here are some of the construction safety topics that you should be discussing.
  • Are proper lifting, carrying, and bending techniques being used so that it does not lead to any slips and falling accidents?
  • Have all wall openings, cracks, crevices, floor openings, and other such areas been covered well enough?
  • Are there proper supervisors present at lifts and scaffolds to check on the safety? Are they well trained?
  • Is there provision made for fall protection and is it put into proper functioning so as to protect against possible falls?
  • Is the raw material like concrete, sand, bricks, and rods being maintained properly so that it does not fall and cause accidents?
  • Is the construction site well protected such that there is no danger to pedestrians?
No matter if it is a construction site or any other work area, all workplace safety topics are important and need to be looked at that way. Hopefully this article has drawn for you a clear picture of how you're supposed to approach this topic and make a success of it.