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Cool and Quirky Ideas for Conference Themes You'll Want to Steal

Conference Theme Ideas
Searching for some creative conference theme ideas for your team meeting or business conference? Read this article that helps you with some conference themes.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Conferences and conventions are a great time to get together. Not only they are an opportunity to discuss various important issues relating to your work, they are also indirectly a platform for employee interaction and rejuvenation. While serious conferences can make any event monotonous, some fun-filled and light humor conference theme ideas can make a world of difference in making the event memorable and more effective. So instead of just inviting co-workers and employees and completing formalities of a conference, why not unleash the creativity within and make your event a testimony to team spirit, grandeur and elegance. To know more about brilliant ideas for theme conferences, read on.
Business Conference Theme Ideas
Smiling business people showing a recycle sign
Elegance lies in simplicity. And since "green living" is now a necessary mantra for living, why not make it your conference theme? While you do your bit for the environment and create awareness about being eco-friendly, you will have an interesting theme. There is no dearth of ideas for organizing an event based on ecology themes. Simple aspects of living like opting for natural and green food, local and environmental friendly gifts, and natural decorations can make your event classic. The menu can include organic and green foods. Plan out your conference at a park and include green games. Reflect the green theme in every aspect of your conference. For instance, as parting gifts, you can give small plants to every attendee of the program.
Businessman Dressed As Hockey Player
Plan out one day from your working schedule and arrange for a sports meet! Book a local ground and organize game activities within your company. Give an interesting theme like "Champs Day Out" for the day. The logo can be written on the front side of the T-shirt with the company's logo on the back side of the T-shirt.

Divide employees into various teams and play team building games. An all day activity that includes various sports activities can be concluded with a conference in the evening and a small party with the head of the team/CEO addressing the employees and awarding the winners of various activities for the sport's day. Since sports is an integral part of life, this idea will surely be welcomed by employees.
Good versus Evil
For conferences and corporate events, there are a wide range of activities to choose from like award banquets, a gala casino night, a seminar or conference that requires registration tables for participants and various other events. You may include the public in the event or may restrict it to your employees. The themes can be taken from history and every aspect of the show can be focus on the theme idea. Gold Rush California, Hemingway's Spain or Africa can be various themes. Be creative and at the same time, ensure that you are able to create an elegant atmosphere.
Actor Dressed as a Native American Chief
Some of the most genuine people on this planet are those who live in proximity with nature. The tribal people living in different parts of the world are perfect examples of communities thriving on a sustainable lifestyle since ages.

As corporates and business houses, the need today is to go beyond the 4 P's of marketing and add another one to it, our Planet! It is essential to act and work for environment because the planet is already facing several climatic change issues. Ask the members to wear accessories related to tribal clothing.

Even if they're unable to wear leaves around their body, they must try to resemble like people from rural villages or tribe. Ask your colleagues to act, think and discuss sustainability keeping in mind the issues that local people like tribal communities face in the wake of development projects in their forests.
Heros of Business
Perhaps this is the easiest and yet the most hilarious conference theme idea. Just imitate your favorite super heroes not only by wearing appropriate super hero clothes, but also following their sharp insights and strategic planning in crisis. Certainly, this theme can be funny for everyone yet passing on strong and positive messages regarding employ engagement and risk management.
When it comes to theme ideas, your imagination is possibly the last limit. While there is no dearth of ideas, you have to ensure that whatever theme you choose, it must reflect your firm's values and mission statement. Public conferences generally require a lot of preparation from your side as they attract large number of audiences. Allocating a certain budget for your theme ideas and then working on it, with planning and professionalism, is surely a great way to make the event a grand success.

Keeping the guests, attendees and employees comfortable is surely challenging but with creative ideas, it's always possible. Corporate event planners and other professionals can also be hired by your firm to make the conferences and social events an unforgettable experience, both for the customers and the employees.