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Perfect Communication Games for Team Building

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Nov 22, 2018
Communication games for team building serve as great icebreakers for members who are new to the team. Such games help to lose the awkwardness and helps them get comfortable with surroundings.
In any organization the term Team Bonding is very important. The reason being, a good team is one of the few things which would last in this competitive world of cats and dogs. More and more youngsters are finishing college and heading out to seek employment and make their life.
They are new and probably shy of giving their best, but having your own cheering squad is a great way to accomplish team objectives. Encouragement is pretty important as it helps each and almost anyone to do his or her best.
Almost every organization nowadays makes sure that their new members practice team building activities so that they remove their shyness and come closer to work as a successful team. Yes, team building is not easy and it takes time, but the end results, are usually satisfactory.

Games to Improve Communication Skills

There are various reasons why companies practice games for team building; obviously to improve communication, boosting morale of the employees, a feeling of belonging, removal of fear and shyness, being more approachable, learning more practical strategies, learning about one's strengths and weaknesses and the most important, making friends.
Practicing such team building activities in the workplace ensures teamwork which ultimately ensures the company's success.

Trust Walk

One of the best team building activities is known as the Trust Walk. This game requires group of people which should be scattered in twos. One member of each team should be blindfolded and the person who hasn't been blindfolded should act as the eyes of the opposite person.
The blindfolded person is guided verbally by his partner as he walks on a path which has various obstacles, the blindfolded person has to trust and walk on the instructions provided by his teammate. In this game individuals use their communication skills to the best of their abilities.

Two Truths and a Lie

Every individual in the group has to start by writing down two truths and a lie on a small piece of paper and make sure no one sees it. Once every one has written, let everyone converse within themselves for 15 minutes in which everyone asks each other about the three questions.
Remember that no one should be able to guess your lie and while conversing with your colleagues you should be able to guess their truth and lies by asking them questions. In this entire process, make sure you don't reveal your answers to anyone even if people have guessed it.
After the discussion period is over, all the members can gather in the circle and you can repeat all three sentences and see which one gets the maximum vote.

To be or Knot to Be

There's no doubt that these games can serve as effective communication techniques for teams of any sort. To play this game you need an even number of participants. Form a circle facing each other and participants should close their eyes and reach across the circle with their right hand to hold the right hand of another participant.
Don't let go of this grip and now open your eyes and again reach across the circle this time with your left hand. No participant should be holding both the hands of the same person. Without leaving the grip of both the hands let the participants entangle themselves.

Single Question

This corporate team building activity not only is a good icebreaker but also makes team members friends with each other. This communication game can get very complicated or simple, it all depends on how well you understand it. The entire situation of the game and the topic is decided by the chosen leader.
After participants are paired into teams, the leader will ask the question - if you could just ask one question to discover a person's worth regarding the (for e.g.; babysitting), what would be your question be?
Now each person in that team would come with a question regarding babysitting which would help them discover who is more suitable to babysit a child. This game can get very messy and complicated if you don't follow the rules properly but trust me it's great fun when you start playing and it also encourages communication to a large extent.
So these were some of the best examples for team building games, which have proven extremely helpful in making people feel comfortable around each other. Such games can also be practiced on an outdoor meet or a picnic.