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Common Mistakes that Can Get You Fired from Your Workplace

Common Mistakes that Can Get You Fired from Your Workplace
Getting fired from your job is not only embarrassing, but it could potentially hamper your career. Sometimes, just one mistake can make a huge difference to your financial condition and your future job prospects too. Getting fired can also affect your EQ. But the sad part is, most of us don't even realize the mistakes we are committing that may jeopardize our career.
Workspirited Staff
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Besides possessing the required skill or experience to thrive and grow, an employee of an organization requires soft-skills too. It is also about following the decorum or code of conduct as per the guidelines set by the organization. If, as an employee, you neglect or ignore certain behavioral traits, you could very well be shown the door. Here, we have tried to list out such common mistakes.
Poor Performance
If you do not deliver or perform as expected, then the management of your organization or any organization, for that matter, will not view you as an asset of the company. This may prompt the higher authorities of the company to hand you the pink slip. Another extension of this callous approach is not owning up to your mistakes and flattering to please your boss, which may also get you terminated.
coming late to office
If you can't report to work on time, it conveys that you are tardy and are likely to miss the deadlines of tasks assigned to you. Not taking your work seriously will most definitely cost you your job.
Gross Misconduct
yelling at workplace
Inappropriate behavior like mocking people, name calling, and discriminatory behavior can get you terminated instantly under the act of gross misconduct. Being professional is all about developing soft skills that enable you to be direct and empathetic at the same time.
Following Unethical Practices
revealing secret
For an employee and a professional, there are certain moral and ethical issues or behavior that transcend company policy and rules. Sometimes, an employee is trusted with confidential or sensitive data or information about his company or employer. At such times, if the employee is found to indulge in unethical practices (read: sharing confidential data or passing strategic information about the company), then he will be terminated, and in some cases, may face legal action too.
If You are Not With The Flow, Then You are Out
Where there are people, there are relatively biased aspects in accordance with owing favors or discrimination. Company politics is inevitable. Don't try to project yourself as different or pedantic or orthodox in the team, otherwise you may find yourself losing your job very soon.
Excessive Use of Social Media During Office Hours
texting while working
No matter how much you try to justify the use of social media websites by terming it the need of the moment, or something very urgent, excess indulgence at the expense of your work is sure to put your job under serious threat, and reason enough for your employer to fire you.
Searching for a Job During Office Hours
being discrete
You need to remember that your current employer has hired to work, and not use his resources to search for a better employment opportunity. So, if you hunt for a job during working hours, stop it immediately because no employer or organization would take such behavior lightly, which would most likely get you a severe reprimand, or in some cases, a termination too.
Disgracing the Company
getting fired
If you are representing your company at a project meeting or joint venture, and you say something negative on behalf of the company or about your employer, then you can expect a termination letter. Posting negative views and comments about your employer or organization on social websites can also get you fired.
A Weak Link
esprit de corps
If you are not able to play your part in the team, then you become a liability to the company, and not an asset. So if you are not a team player, you may weigh your team down, which means you could face the axe.
Unable to Prioritize Tasks Even When Instructed
note down
As part of a team, you are expected to play your role and complete the task assigned to you. Now, you have to prioritize and work in coordination with your teammates to meet deadlines. Failure to meet the target or complete the assigned task due to your negligence will not only cause problems for your colleagues, but this might also prompt your boss to term you a liability, and thus terminate you.
Poor Communication
Communication is a highly important and integral part of the workplace. Unable to precisely convey the instructions or inability to interpret and follow the instructions are signs of failure to communicate. No communication or incomplete communication, at times, may cost you your job. If you fail to communicate the work status at critical times, while meeting the deadlines, may lead to a job termination.
Getting fired is bad, but if you are really serious and keen about your career, don't despair. Learn from the mistakes that you may have committed and work towards rectifying them in your next job. As they say, every ending is a new beginning.