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Can an I-9 Form Be Completed Electronically?

Filing out an I-9 form electronically is the preferred method in modern enterprises. The following are a few key benefits to doing so.
Modern Times Sep 5, 2019
It’s easy to opt for an automated I-9 form setup to streamline the employee onboarding protocol. Companies can work with the leading providers to bring in increased efficiency into their systems.

Filing out the Information Correctly

Employees should fill out the right information on the form so that the system can automatically complete the remaining fields. When information is standardized and presented correctly on the record, this also makes the job of HR that much easier.

Opting for Intelligent E-Signature Systems

HR systems can include pre-filled forms under the I-9 format, while providing e-signature facilities after finishing up. This can help expedite the onboarding protocol while remaining compliant with best practices and regulations around hiring processes.

Electronic Forms Are Designed to Enhance Efficiency

Automated forms are the best way to onboard a large number of employees that much more efficiently. Companies can elect to work with leading SaaS providers when opting for automated I-9 form protocols. They provide greater transparency within the system, while introducing core efficiencies.

Integrating Automated Forms to Verification System

Modern digitized forms get electronically verified against incumbent systems for all employee onboarding programs. The records are automatically confirmed, and the verification process is that much more streamlined as a result. The level of accuracy through automation is also much higher.

Tracking Metrics Through Automated Dashboards

Companies can track the information submitted at a generalized level to analyze the impact of their onboarding protocol. Automated dashboards can provide the right information to companies that are actively looking for insights.
Finding the right I-9 form filing service provider is essential to introducing greater efficiencies throughout the program. Organizations can reduce manual errors and increase throughput via automated I-9 forms.