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Elegant Business Attire to Empower Professional Women of Today

Business Professional Attire for Women
An article on business professional attire for women will change perceptions of all those who think it's your work that talks and not your clothes. Well, you need to think again! And allow this piece to change your ideology.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
You thought your work does all the talking for you? Well, it sure does. However, it is considered to be a secondary component of sorts. So you wonder what the first component is? Let me enlighten you. It is indeed your dressing sense. Eyes are set on you when you enter the conference room (Well, it's always quite an embarrassing situation!). In the actual, humans have a tendency to scrutinize everything they come across.
In our sub-conscious minds, we grab the individuals image and specifically evaluate him/her on the basis of his/her style quotient. This is an involuntary process that takes place, but we are very well aware of it as we formulate preconceived notions about that individual. In canonical terms, this is referred to as the first impression, which is indeed synonymous to the last impression! The corporate sector is abuzz with the concept of professional attire. A specific dress code is formulated that the employees of the company have to adhere to. Business professional attire for women is a must when it comes to displaying corporate supremacy and stature.
The First Impression
Well, there are times in life when people will configure notions about you. Unfortunately, these notions are solely based on the way you dress up. Your appearance is the ultimate rating meter for your valued evaluators! A vague impression is constructed on what your personality traits would be, your intelligence quotient, how sophisticated you are, and last but not the least, your professionalism. We may conclude that the way you dress is one vital factor that influences perceptions and in the longer run, the promise of promotions!
How to Dress Business Professional
Business professional attire needs to highlight the professional in you. Women need to dress for business and not for pleasure. A social gathering is different to a corporate setting. It is about understanding the segregation between formal and informal meetings. Business attire, in comparison to social attire, has a narrow scope. Social attire is more suggestive when boiled down to making a statement, whereas the attire for women is confined to styles that have a high degree of dependence on the type of business and its consequential circumstances.
In business, your attire should not distract your listener, but should have the capacity to attract attention in the right manner. You should get your audience listening to you and paying attention to what you are saying, rather than distracting them with your pastel shade nail varnish or a golden ring pierced in your eyebrow.
Business attires need not be aesthetically challenged. They can have their share of prerogative cheek and elegance. When we think business attire, we have a pop-up visual of a lady dressed in a business suit. Well, to ice-break this notion, let me inform you that it needn't be. Just as there are different sectors where business is successively conducted, there are specific apparels that fit the bill of every business. Remember that your attire 'materially' represents the business you are engaged in. It is very important that your attire conforms to the work you engage in.
Businesses such as law and financing requires one to adorn an attire that commands authority. Thus, one may opt for professional and 'white collared' suits. Dark colors and hues provide a sense of authority and enhance your professionalism to the core. On the other hand, if you are engaged in a creative work line, the work environment is comparatively relaxed. Relaxed does not mean that you could go out of your way to wear skirts or shorts of a critical length.
You need to follow a code of conduct, by which we mean experimenting with colors, being creative with the choice of design and accessorize appropriately. Interactive jobs, where communication is the norm, for instance, teaching or social work, it is important that you make your presence felt by dressing crisp. It is most important that you look approachable and a confident communicator.
Wardrobe Wisps Women Ought to Know
These are the basics that your wardrobe must consist if you want your attire to deliver the right impression.
  • An A-line skirt is an ideal office wear attire. A knee-length skirt, preferably black or navy blue is best suited.
  • Professional black, gray, brown or navy blue pants could be paired with heels, although heels should not serve to be an embarrassing obstruction for movement.
  • Wearing classic 1.5- to 2-inch heel in navy blue, brown or any dark hues will be the perfect match.
  • Jackets that have a good fit in dark shades, preferably navy blue and black are an ideal choice to add character to your business attire.
  • Blouses and tops that fit well define authority and command respect. Well-fitted, by no means, means tight-fitted!
  • A handbag that looks professional and not flimsy. A black colored or a brown hued handbag would serve to be the right selection for a corporate setting.
  • An A-line dress in solid colors, checkered patterns and a boat neck adds to the sophistication.
  • Accessorize yourself well, adopt the minimalist approach. Wear earrings that have a subtle match with your attire. Do not attempt to overdo your look. A well-fitted dress with accessories that substantiate you could be quoted as the perfect example of business professional attire.
. . And Some More Tips!
  • Make sure that you are not wearing clothes that redefine wrinkles!
  • Keep your hairstyle simple. Don't have elaborate hair-dos. Pull your hair together in a high pony or a neat hair bun that adds to your demeanor.
  • Don't paint your nails with dark pastel shades. It's a distraction medium. Manicured nails is fine but nails varnished with electrifying shades is a big no-no!
  • Use matte shades of lipsticks and not lip-colors that could blind one!
  • Your teeth shouldn't wear your lipstick color.
  • Subtle fragrances are ideal. A strong scent that smells from a distance is what you should thoroughly avoid.
  • Wear light and not loud makeup.
  • Wear eye-glasses that define your eyes and attract attention of your audiences. Establishing an eye-contact with your audience is very important.
These were some of the most important tips. Hope this has changed your ideology of your work being the only predominant factor in your promotion cycles. Sure, it's your work that matters, but the attire is what counts!