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The Ideal Business Professional Attire for Men and Women

Parul Solanki Oct 16, 2018
Business professional attire are a part of every workplace culture and ethics. As an employee, it is thus important to adhere to it and select your attire based on what your organization needs. Here are some of the basics of business professional attire and the dress code.
Who says that first impressions do not matter? In the business world, your attire has a big role to play in your professional life. Each business company has a professional dress code, and employees need to make sure that they adhere to it and respect the workplace ethics.
The business professional attire should not only reflect the professionalism and maturity of the position you are in, but should also have the ability to influence the people you meet positively. After all, it takes only a few minutes for perceptions to be formed as soon as you enter a meeting room or appear for an interview.
Here is a look at the basics of professional business attire for men and women.

Business Professional Attire for Men

A must have and the most important part of the professional attire for men is a conservative business suit. A dark solid color, preferably navy blue, dark brown, gray, charcoal, or pinstripe suit looks perfect on men in an interview or at a meeting.
The suit jackets need to be paired off with formal khaki pants and conservative ties of medium width. The extra wide or the narrow ties with bold colors and patterns are not appropriate for office wear. The shirt needs to be in colors such as white and pale blue. Crisp and clean shirts in cotton work best with the rest of your business professional attire.
Along with the clothes, you also need to select the right pair of socks and shoes that you can team up with the attire. Calf-high and in solid colors, your pair of socks should match the colors of your suit pants.
Dress shoes are ideal footwear for formal business suits. Avoid wearing boots and instead stick to the lace up or loafer style shoes.

Business Professional Attire for Women

The attire for women should ideally contain elements such as skirted suits and tailored pantsuits. Stick to colors such as blue, black, charcoal gray, and brown.
If you are opting for skirted suits, then wear an appropriate length skirt which are not too short or too tight. Make sure that the color of the skirt matches the suit's jacket. The blouse should ideally be a light neutral color with a simple collar. Solid white and soft pastels are your best bet.
The professional suit for women should not be low cut or revealing. Accessorize your shirt with a nice square silk scarf that suits the color of the suit and the shirt. Remember the motto is to keep it clean and simple. So no flirting about with bold colors and wayward patterns.
For the shoes, you can select leather pumps with 1 ½ inch heel. Colors such as black, brown, burgundy, or navy work quite well with the business professional attire. Avoid boots, high stiletto heels, open toes, or even white colored shoes.
As for the accessories, the same rule applies. The less the accessories, the better it is. Wear unobtrusive studs and small earrings. The jewelry should go in sync with the formal suit and should not distract. Along with this, be well-groomed and neat.
While looking at the professional business attire examples, it is important to keep in mind what not to wear. Jeans, offensive T-shirts, athletic apparel, and revealing clothes are a strict no-no in the business world.
Make sure that the business formal attire is clean and the clothes properly ironed. After all, a good haircut, spit-shined shoes, and a crisp suit goes a long way in establishing your professional success.