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Business Formal Attire

Stephen Rampur Mar 12, 2019
Your business formal attire should be comfortable and simple, since you would wear it to your workplace everyday. Here are a few tips on formal business attire.
There is a specific attire for every occasion that you attend in your daily lives. Even at your office in your regular workdays, you have to maintain a particular dress code that is generally called formal business attire, or simply business formals.
Wearing an appropriate dress code at the workplace will display your professionalism, attitude towards work, and also your codes of conduct.

Attire for Men

Simple business formal attire for men can be a well-ironed shirt and trouser, with a tie. Wearing a tie is one of the most important parts of a business formal wear for men.
The appearance of the tie should be decent with colors matching the formal clothing. Plain ties and ones with simple patterns are fine for a corporate look, but it is not recommended to wear ties with fancy designs.
Shades of gray, navy blue, brown, black, and even pink are appropriate color of ties that can be worn at your workplace.
A plain white shirt is a standard in formal attire, but you do have the option of wearing shirts with other colors as well. Just make sure you do not opt for brighter shades, and ones with a lot of designs and patterns.
If you have an important business or client meeting, it would be better if you wear a suit along with your everyday business attire. Suggested suit colors are gray, black, navy blue, or any other dark color that would match your clothing.
Coming to formal footwear for men, wearing sneakers or some fancy boots is a no-no. Wear shoes with laces, and which are black or brown in color.

Attire for Women

When it comes to women, the color choices are more as compared to that in men's workplace attire. Normally, formal attire for women consists of a dress suit or a pant suit and a blouse.
Unlike men's professional dress code, along with standard black and white; women can wear suits with colors such as off white, blue, beige, burgundy, pink, etc.
The color of the blouse needs to be simple and not too bright and flashy. Women can also wear patterned blouses, but not with fancy designs. Do not wear deep cut blouses, which is inappropriate for a formal workplace setting.
Knee-length formal skirts are the best option for women. Skirts which are too short or tight are not suitable for the workplace. It is suggested that women choose footwear which have heels, but some may not feel comfortable wearing such footwear. In such a case, flats are suitable alternatives; just make sure they can match a workplace setting.
Women can certainly wear jewelry to office, but ensure that it does not get too much, like you are going for a party showing all the gold and silver you own. Keep the use of jewelry to the minimum, which will look simple. You may even wear a woman's tie on your blouse.
This is the standard business formal attire that is to be worn for our everyday work. Remember to keep your dress simple and elegant, with not much color variations and accessories.