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6 Fantastic Ideas for Building an Amazing Team Spirit

Ideas for Building Team Spirit
Investing in people, taking steps to enhance their commitment to the organization, building teams - these are some sure shot ways to achieve success. Here are some effective measures that an organization can take for building team spirit.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2019
Due to the increased competition amongst the corporates, almost all of them ensure that they have the procedures to do a particular job, such as marketing strategies to sell the products, latest technology, advertising techniques, production processes, etc. in place.
If all the organizations have these basics right, why is it that some are more successful and able to achieve more profits than others? What is it that sets apart one organization from others and makes it a winner? Well, it is the commitment of the people who work in the organization!
It is a well-known fact in the industry that an organization's success depends to a large extent on its human capital. The more united and committed the employees feel, the more they will be able to achieve the goals set. That's why, team building is very important for any organization.
Ideas to Build Team Spirit in the Workplace
Make Small Teams
Portrait of Three Businessmen in Office
One of the ways to foster team spirit among your employees is by dividing them into small teams, and instead of giving individual goals for them to achieve, give them team goals.
This will ensure that the employees work, consult, help and support each other in their work as they will now be appraised on the basis of their team's performance. At the same time, the employees should be very clear as to what is expected from them i.e. there should be clarity of individual tasks. This will automatically enhance team spirit amongst them.
Promote Open Communication
Group of Corporate People Having a Business Meeting
As every one knows, communication is the key to all relationships, whether personal or professional. So, promote an environment where every one feels free to communicate, take and give advice and opinions related to work.
Every morning, make it a rule that individual departments or groups call a meeting, and discuss the things/tasks that were completed the previous day, and the same which are to be done that day.
Give freedom to employees to speak whatever they think will contribute to everyone's knowledge about their work or any departmental issues. You can even use these daily morning meetings as a platform to train the employees in some innovation/technology that has been introduced in your particular industry.
Maintain the Right Balance of Autonomy and Control
Business woman working on laptop computer
Although, the rules, regulations and procedures should be in place to get the things done at the right time, yet give some amount of freedom to your employees to do a job in a particular way they deem is right.
If you have made teams, give a bit of autonomy to the team leaders to use their own methods of getting the things done by the people under them. This will contribute immensely towards team building in the workplace.
Plan Fun Events and Outings
Group of people having picnic outdoors
Give opportunities to the employees to know each other personally. So, plan fun events and outings regularly.
Take the employees out on a picnic, celebrate birthdays, keep special days wherein everyone comes dressed in a particular color, organize small competitions between the employees like painting or singing contests, etc.
The idea behind these is to let the employees mingle and talk about other things, not just work. Such events and special occasions have found greatest success as they give time to the employees to bond with one another.
Organize Team Games and Activities
Business people playing tug of war outdoors
Plan some interesting games for the employees, in which they can participate, play and have fun as a team.
Some interesting activities that you can keep are - tug of war, treasure hunt, one lie and two truths, etc. Planning a sports day or a cultural day is another great idea for fostering team spirit.
Appreciate the Employees
Beneficial cooperation
It is not just a hike in salary which matters to the employees. A pat on the back, recognition, award and appreciation by their seniors, all such gestures motivate the employees to achieve more and stay committed to the organization.
So, plan appreciation days wherein you recognize the employees who have outperformed. Inviting the family members of the employees on such days is a good idea too. Organizations can have a bulletin board or a shelf wherein they place trophies or put up notices about individual, team and organizational achievements, from time to time.
In the words of Ryunosuke Satoro, "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." So, all organizations, in order to make profits and be successful, should undertake these team building activities. After all, investing in the human capital is the best investment decision a company can take!