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Benefits of On the Job Training Programs

New recruits in any organization these days are given on the job training, as it has many advantages. In this article we have listed and discussed the points that work in favor of these training programs.
Workspirited Staff
It is surely true that the success of an organization largely depends on the performance of its employees. Training is necessary for new employees to make them familiar with the working of the company. On some occasions even regular employees have to be trained if there are any changes in the work pattern of the company. Business training as such is a very broad term and covers many aspects apart from coaching the person in the basics of the job. It also includes the sessions that teach the new joiners the importance of organization for success, the benefits of self motivation, team building and similar concepts. On the job training (OJT) refers to the process of training the new employees using the actual tools and equipment that the organization usually makes use of for its daily work. In this kind of training, the trainees work and learn in the actual work environment and thus also contribute to the profit of the organization very soon after they have joined.
Promotes Learning
The main advantage of on the job training is that it promotes quick learning in the employees; because they get to learn the minor technicalities very soon. When a person joins any organization he has only a basic idea of the work that he will have to do. OJT is a real test for a recruit as he has to actually work while he is still in the learning phase.
There are also some disadvantages of training the employees beforehand; a big disadvantage is that it doesn't help the new employees that much and the employers in most of the cases have to retrain the employees after they have started working. On the job training covers up this flaw of training beforehand and saves time.
Encourages Communication
This kind of training also promotes early interaction between the new recruits and the other employees of the organization. As the new employees start working they will obviously encounter some kind of trouble while they are working; they will then have to interact with other experienced people of the organization. This thus leads to a healthy communication among the employees of the organization.
Improves the Output
On the job training is of more benefit to the employers than the employees. Because when the employees are being trained they also simultaneously contribute to the profit of the organization. Training is a lengthy process and in big organizations it generally takes three to four months. This is the reason, employers these days prefer giving on the job training to the new employees. Another advantage is its cost-effectiveness. The employers don't have to spend money on the equipment that is usually required during the training process.
These were some of the benefits of on the job training programs. Such programs are especially beneficial for the new employees as they get to know about the functioning of the organization soon after they join. This definitely helps the new people plan their work accordingly in the office.