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Surprising Benefits of Being Adaptable to Change in the Workplace

Benefits of Being Adaptable to Change in the Workplace
There is no permanency in the job market anymore, and employers are hiring candidates who can manage more than one domain of work, and not be constrained by job descriptions. Adaptability to change is the only way to survive and make it through a career.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018
Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
-- Stephen Hawking
Managerial and assistant positions have become increasingly broad in their job requirement, and require that the candidates be adept at handling multiple business roles. With businesses undergoing meteoric changes, the need of the hour is changing as well. Organizations are revamping entire business models and introducing drastic strategies, that are not only changing the way they worked in the past, but also the way that their employees dealt with their jobs.

Employees can no longer afford to remain content in their old positions; they must upgrade their knowledge and skills, not only in their domain but also in all related aspects of their area of work. This is where the traits of adaptability and flexibility come into play. Employers are looking for candidates who are willing to learn on the job, get trained, test new waters, and take risks for the betterment of the company.

This Workspirited article discusses the benefits of being adaptable to change in the workplace.
How Do Employees Benefit from Adapting to Change in the Workplace
Attracts Recognition
Those who are able to adapt well to the changes happening in their workplace, are viewed as employees who are worthy of being retained by the company. Irrespective of how small or large the change being introduced may be, the ideal employee is not expected to complain or raise his/her hands in protest or defeat. Instead, employers are seeking employees who raise valid questions, try to assess and understand the new development, suggest innovative ways to improve the situation, and follow instructions to the dot. Fluidity of thought, intentions, and actions is what is expected from the employees.
Scope for Growth
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Those who are willing to do more than their share of work, and are willing to venture into new domains and handle new roles, have the opportunity to learn more than what they came prepared with. With the advent of social media, business horizons have widened immeasurably. Only those who embrace these changes and use the ever-changing technology in their favor, can reap its benefits in the future. With greater knowledge and skill, such employees will be given greater responsibilities, newer roles, and considered for promotions, or shifted to better job profiles within the organization.
Encourages Innovative Thinking
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Remaining stagnant and in a rut can thwart creativity. Instead, changing with time helps keep employees on their toes, and makes them think out of the box. Of course, one can take inspiration from other ventures; however, the entire team must be allowed to ideate and think of fresh and dynamic strategies that can help propel the organization towards success. The age-old English proverb, 'Necessity is the mother of invention', is still as valid today as it was in the past, and every organization realizes that in order to stay relevant in the market, they have to provide equally relevant services to their costumers.
Helps Overcome Fear
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Many employees do not like change and find it unnerving. They simply do not appreciate their routine getting disturbed, and feel displaced when business models change. This discomfort often arises from their innate fear of change and failure. It becomes the employer's duty to motivate and guide such employees. Employees must be given the assurance that everyone on the team will be learning through trial and error, and no one is expected to be perfect. Knowing that their jobs are secure, despite all the chaos in the workplace, is a great start to encourage employees to put their best foot forward in helping the organization make its transition from one phase to another. Gradually, the employees will learn to take the changes at the workplace in their stride, they will be more responsive to it, and will approach and tackle issues with a more open mind and greater flexibility.
Encourages Fighting Spirit
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There are always a handful of employees who think differently from the rest. Some employees embrace change more rapidly, are risk-takers, and are willing to walk the extra mile. It is this fierce attitude that can help a falling company regain its confidence and plan for progress. As long as employers have a steady team of radical thinkers, the task of making the transition from one phase to another is less stressful. Therefore, for those who love a challenge every now and then, adapting to change is another test, another challenge that they have to overcome.
Prompts Initiative
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A sudden change in the workplace can invoke the need to take the help of every employee possible. Since it is the sum of efforts that will make the organization overcome its hurdles or achieve its intended goals, everyone's contribution counts. Change and uncertainties have a way of bringing out the worst as well as the best in some, and the same has been witnessed in many companies. In times of crisis or urgency, sometimes, the most unlikely employee ends up making an extraordinary contribution to the organization. If adapting to change in the workplace has made certain employees take more initiative than they ever did, that in itself is big achievement for everybody involved.
Since change is the only constant facet of our lives, embracing it without fear would help employees overcome the distress and uncertainties it usually causes.