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6 Fab Ways to Beat Monday Blues and Achieve the Ultimate Victory

Omkar Phatak May 13, 2019
After that fun weekend, the Monday can be a drag. Here are some refreshing tips on blasting away the Monday blues.
Trrrrinnnng...! The alarm is ringing with a full blast, destroying your deep slumber, from a weekend hangover. You are half-dreaming and half-awake. You hit the snooze button again, as you realize that it is a Monday. Still, mentally, you are in the weekend mode.
Getting out of the bed and getting yourself to work seems like an impossibility. Welcome to Monday morning blues. Even if you get to the office, getting into the working mindset takes an eternity and loads of coffee. How do you beat the blues and get back into the groove? Here are some suggestions.

Beating the Blues: A Short Manual

Problems like Monday morning blues arise, when the rhythm of our lifestyle, is out of sync with the rhythm of our work life, commitments, and goals. Beating them is possible, with some planning and thought. Here are some simple suggestions.

Avoid Keeping Work Pending

A key to beating the blues at the start of the week is to set your previous week in order. Doing that means, avoiding procrastination at all costs. Completing a job is invigorating, while a job half done or kept pending is draining. A pending job just keeps on piling unnecessary stress on your mind, which keeps increasing as the week progresses.
If you finish the job then and there, you do not need to think about it again. So, make sure that by Friday, you finish all your pending jobs in the office. If you are a student, try to finish all your assignments by Friday. It is a huge load, off the mind. Then, your weekend is automatically less stressful.
Finishing your work on time needs a good time management system at the workplace. That way, your mind can relax easily and you have no need to think about work, for the whole weekend. A job well done is a release of energy for the mind, which you can utilize later.

Plan Your Weekend Beforehand

All of us have plans for the weekend but they are very rarely, well thought out and precise. One thing about weekend plans is that, they need to be realistic and in sync with the fact that you need to be working with full gusto on the coming Monday.
Make a clear list of things to do this weekend. Time is a very important factor to take into consideration. There are people who hate to plan too much for weekends, but it has its uses. You will have more fun and less aggravation with advanced planning.
Avoid binge drinking on weekends, as it will ruin all your weekend plans and will guarantee the blues with a headache. Trust me, it's not worth it. There are better ways to relax than drinking alcohol.

Distribute Your Tasks at Home Over the Week

There are many tasks to do at home in the weekend, which may not let you rest enough or sleep early on a Sunday. One trick to avoid this, is to distribute the odd jobs and chores at home, over the week. So that the weekend is free for relaxation.

Ensure Adequate Sleep and Rest

Your body and mind need adequate rest after a week of work. Ensure that you get adequate sleep over the weekend. It is very important, because if you don't, the fatigue of the previous week will be carried forward to the coming Monday. Relax your mind and unwind with your family and friends.
Sleep peacefully on a Sunday, with a positive mindset about the week ahead. This will energize you and will definitely help. Keep all your stuff for Monday morning, ready on the evening before. That way you save time in the morning and get some more sleep.

Find Your Rhythm and Balance

Listen to your body and mind. Get in tune with their needs. Mark out all the things that you do, which put you in a good frame of mind. Do these things dutifully. This will help maintain the rhythm, which is so important in life. If you find your rhythm, you won't be feeling the blues at all.

Start Monday With a Positive Mindset

If you follow all the earlier tips, you should be bursting with energy on a Monday, with your mind and body recharged. Listen to some good music before leaving for work and dress smartly. Remember that life is full of possibilities.
The key to beating any kind of blues in life, is to think positively and prepare in advance. Approach life with so much enthusiasm, that blues get the blues when they see you!