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Appointment Letter Template

Appointment Letter Template

An appointment letter can be a little difficult to draft for a human resource manager who has just started out. In this article, we give you a template for an appointment letter that can help you write such letter.
Tulika Nair
An appointment letter is a way of informing a prospective employee, in writing, that he or she has been offered a position in a company. It is an important document that needs to be given to every new employee. It is generally given to a prospective employee after he or she has been given an employment offer letter which would determine whether or not, the addressee will be accepting the job. Writing such a letter is not an extremely difficult task but it needs to be accompanied with documents that make it clear to the prospective employee, what the rules and regulations and terms and conditions of the appointment are. But just because you need to mention details of the employment in the letter, does not mean that when it comes to letter writing, especially a letter of appointment, it should be lengthy and difficult to understand. The template given below will help you write an appointment letter.


The format for such a letter can never be a rigid one and will differ depending on what the organization would like to mention in the letter sent out to a new employee. The main pointers that need to be mentioned in this letter are the date of joining and the reporting address. Given below is a generic template that you can refer to while drafting your own letter.

Your Name
Name of Your Organization


Name of Addressee

Dear Ms./Mr. (addressee),

The introductory paragraph of the letter should welcome the addressee into the organization and should congratulate him or her on being appointed to the position that he or she has been hired for.

The second paragraph of the letter should always mention all the necessary details like the date of joining for the addressee. Also it is important to mention what the addressee will be expected to do on his or her first day at work. It is essential that you mention all the documents and paperwork that the addressee will be expected to fill on the first day and also provide a list of all the documents that the addressee needs to bring with him or her.

If you are including a third paragraph in the letter, then ensure that you mention the address at which the addressee will need to report to and the time that he or she is expected to come to work at. Also mention your own contact details, so that in case of any confusion, the addressee can contact you.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)


Given below is a sample drafted by the human resources management department of a leading production house to a new employee. The details mentioned in this sample are in compliance with the appointment letter format given above.

Coralie White
Vice President, Human Resources
White Noise Productions
324, Sunset Boulevard
New York - 234586

Date: 21st April 2012

Katherine Gray
232, Grandeur Apartments
Elm Street
New York - 234354

Dear Katherine,

We would like to welcome you to the team of White Noise Productions and congratulate you on your new position with the production department of the documentary wing of our organization. We look forward to you being on-board soon.

As mentioned in our conversation with you, your first day with us will be on the 1st of May, 2012. You will be taking part in an orientation program on your first day of work and for the same we will require you to fill out the enclosed forms and bring them with you. Also you will be required to bring other documents and information like educational documents, passport number, passport size photographs, etc. A list of these required documents has also been attached with this letter.

You will be required to report to our office at Sunset Boulevard at 9 am in the morning on the 1st of May.

All the best! In case you have any queries, you can contact me at 244-343-55 or mail me at

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
Coralie White

This article on the proper template of an appointment letter has hopefully helped you understand how a letter should be formatted while drafting a letter to congratulate and welcome a prospective employee into your organization.