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6 Tips That Will Produce Productivity in Your Workplace

Kevin Gardner Oct 5, 2019
How you can create a more positive and productive work environment for your employees? A workplace that is busy with work and not idle chatter, is something that every employer aims for. In some cases, it is a simple matter of understanding on how to use the information given to increase productivity and in others, it may involve implementing new practices.

A Practice in Productivity

One of the best places to watch productivity in action is a well run fast food restaurant. The well-placed monitors that are being stared at, do more than display the orders that need to be filled. If one looks around, they will notice the monitors in every area of production: the kitchen, drive-thru and the front counter.
The monitors have timers that are connected to the stores' internal system and generates a report for each area. Knowing how to read this information can tell a store manager where production can be improved. From there it is a matter of coaching and training to achieve the goal.
When done appropriately, the information leads to an increase in productivity by ensuring that staff in each area is well trained in delivering the best service possible.

1. Understanding the knowledge available

Without an understanding of the production report, there is little chance of knowing where the problem exists. These reports are tied into the stores' system and can be evaluated daily as well as year to date.

2. Coaching and Training

A staff that is properly trained will deliver the best service they can in their area. Continued coaching also improves the likelihood that staff will continue to learn additional skills that help in other areas.

3. Providing Additional Staff

When additional staff is needed, there should be a comparison of the information to be sure that an increase in labor will increase productivity. However, this also goes back to coaching and training. Hiring a new person would not be beneficial without training.

Increasing Corporate Productivity

There are many reasons why productivity in the workplace may be lacking. It's important to understand the reasons why employees may be too relaxed at work.
Misunderstandings regarding new company regulations can be a core reason the water-cooler is seeing so much action. A great way to intercept this is to have a meeting of staff leaders to discuss any policy changes. This will give them a chance to speak with their individual teams and voice any concerns.
Another reason employees may be away from their desks is to get a simple conversation. Which is simply another way of saying that the stack of work on their desk is not keeping them entertained.
Many companies are adopting policies that make the workplace a little more relaxing on certain days of the week. Casual Fridays and Humpday Bagels are becoming very popular as employers want to increase employee job satisfaction.

1. Relay Information

Increasing communication in the office ensures that all staff is not only apprised of any changes facing the company but also feel like they have a voice in those changes. Employees are also typically the first to know about any reporting or recording issues.

2. DeStress

Working less makes you more productive by giving you a chance to gather your thoughts and focus on the task at hand. Even the CEO needs to take a break once in a while. A few minutes to walk around and smell the fresh air can do wonders for increasing a persons ability to concentrate.

3. Laugh a Little

Corporations are beginning to understand that in order to increase productivity they must do something to encourage the office to feel as good as the softball team. Or in many cases creating softball teams.
Increasing the production of your staff is simply a matter of understanding the underlying issue. Once that is understood the solutions are relatively simple, even if they can be tough to implement. However, doing so will increase employee satisfaction and production.