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5 Ways to Make Meetings More Fun

Carol Evenson Oct 24, 2019
Meetings are something that few people enjoy. They’re often thought of as boring, and many people feel a sense of dread when they have to spend their day in meetings. It can be hard to pay attention and it may seem like the day drags on. However, they are often important, and the only way to communicate important information to each other.
Thankfully, there are several things you can do to help rejuvenate your meetings and make them more fun for everyone.


Telling a joke or offering a funny comment can help make mundane meetings feel a little more enjoyable.
Jokes made in the work environment should not deviate too much off of what the meeting is supposed to talk about. After all, you don’t want the meeting to become less productive because you decided to add a little humor into the mix.

Tell Stories

Telling a personal story can be a great way to relate to your coworkers and employees. This can also help break up a meeting, and can be helpful in bringing people back in if they have started to lose interest.
However, it’s important to be sure to only tell a story others will find interesting, and keep it nice and short.

Offer a Meal

If you are having a meeting early in the morning, consider bringing bagels and coffee for everyone to enjoy. If you are going to be working through lunch, then you might want to have a nearby restaurant cater. This can help keep blood sugar levels stable, which will help with the attention span of the people you are talking to.

Switch Up Your Meeting Area

You likely have several Los Angeles meeting rooms. Be sure to change it up every once in a while and hold your meeting in a different room. People can get rejuvenated mentally when they aren’t in the same room all day long.

Ask Your Employees What They Want

Don’t forget to ask your employees for feedback as well. They may have some ideas for making meetings a bit less tedious that you may not have considered. Plus, it helps your employees feel important when you ask for and value their feedback.
These are just a few of the things you can do to help revive your meetings. Employees are much more likely to pay attention and retain more information when they are enjoying themselves. They will also dread meetings less, which can lead to an overall better attitude and fun day.