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5 Ways to Be a More Efficient Project Manager

Paisley Hansen Nov 25, 2019
Project management is a sought-after skill that combines organization, planning, people skills, and an eye for details. If you are already a working project manager (or even if you are not!) and you are looking to improve your skills, these five tips may help you get to where you want to be.

Use Project Management Software

Who says that, as a project manager, you have to keep track of all the details in your head? If you have already received your PMP certification, you have been trained in the standard management software. But there are a ton of different task management tools available now that can be more accessible and user-friendly for you and your team!
Trying a project management software that you can use with your entire team can help you become a more efficient project manager. All comments, documents, interactions, and details can be stored in one place. And what is even better, often you can use this kind of software to transform your project details into Gantt charts and calendars.

Review Meeting Practices

If you are running meetings that consistently go over time, do not meet the goals you set forth on the outset, or leave people with lingering questions, you may want to reconsider your approach. To be a more efficient project manager, you may want to consider refreshing yourself on meeting best-practices.
Running a successful meeting involves setting standards for questioning and responding, and keeping people from stagnating on one topic for long or losing focus. Communicating with everyone clearly and concisely can help meetings to be run more efficiently, as people put energy and focus to right questions.

Take a Refresher Course

There is nothing wrong with needing a little refresher every now and then. If you feel you could be more efficient when leading projects, you may benefit from taking a course in the principles and practices of project management. A college in your area may offer something, or you can check online with the Project Management Institute.
Even if you have taken courses before or are a certified PMP, there is no shame in continuing your education. If you have identified an area of weakness in your leadership style, hone in on that skill specifically and search for courses that offer a practical approach to learning.

Speak to More Experienced PMs

Finally, use best resources available to become an efficient project manager than other PMs. If you work on a team of project managers, pick their brains on ways you might hone your craft. If you are flying solo, try networking with other PMs in your area or finding online networks through social media. Remember, project management is a team sport.

Strengthen Your Communication Skills

Communication is a key part of successful project management. People from all walks of life will be interacting with your projects in several ways. Practising your communication style or reading up on how to communicate more effectively can help you become an even more efficient project manager.

Put in the Effort

Improving your project manager skills is a noble goal. Whether you want to lead better meetings, communicate more effectively, or inspire your team to take ownership over their part of the project, these five tips can help. Return to this list whenever you feel the need to brush up on your skills. You'll become a more efficient manager in no time!