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5 Tips on How to Move Up at Work

Carol Evenson Sep 11, 2019
Many people take entry-level jobs in a company for experience and to get their foot in the door. The jobs may be below their level but they offer steady paycheck and scope for advancement. These are some ways a person can move up in the company. For those working in a corporate company, these tips can take them ahead.

Get a Mentor

A mentor can help you learn how to approach a career, learn the company, and find position openings. They can give tips to do the work efficiently. A mentor can help to get through the challenges to show that you are a valued employee. Mentors may make a great reference if a person is going for a promotion.

Ask for Additional Responsibilities

To get better positions, people need to show they are willing to work. A person needs to show confidence in his role and that he can handle additional work. Before asking for more work people must ensure they are doing the assigned work well. Asking for more work can show your initiative.

Solve Problems

Whether you work in a small office, or a big Toronto office, space problem solving is essential. Doing so at work can show you're ready for bigger roles. Some areas to start looking at are streamlining work order. They can also see how complicated projects are handled and look for solutions to make the process easier.

Take Responsibility

If a person makes a mistake he should own up to it. This will show that the employee is trustworthy. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes bu how a person handles it, affects their position in the company. If they handle it correctly it will show they can take responsibility.

Discreetly Self Promote

No one likes people who do nothing but brag of their accomplishments and their greatness. A person can offer to type up meeting notes and related information and sent it out to others in the company. When sending the email there should be the email signature with name and title. The more your name is known, the better.


These are ways by which a person can move up ahead in a company. If a person shows that they are responsible, can complete the workload, and can work as a team player they can move up in the company and advance their career.