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5 Tips on How to Be a Successful Salesperson

Don’t just be a salesperson — become a successful salesperson by following these five important tips.
Modern Times Aug 13, 2019
There’s no denying that sales can be a tough career at times, and you have to constantly be on top of your game. But you really can succeed; here are tips to get you there fast.

Sell The Outcome

When you announce yourself as the head of sales, you've already lost. The potential client doesn't care about you or your products. They care about what you can do to change their outcomes. Lead with the difference your product can make and you'll grab attention.

Play to Your Strengths

No machine can do what you do: empathize and read the body language, re-word a pitch to make it more applicable, and engage in strategic planning. Save time for things only you can do. Software can generate and categorize automobile leads and send targeted reports so you can measure progress.

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

You need to see your pitch from the customer's end. In the end, it doesn't matter what you say — what matters is what they hear. Before you make that call, ring up your own voicemail and leave yourself the message. Wait a day to get some distance and then listen. You might be shocked by the results.

Do Your Research

Many people send unknown callers to voicemail, and erase it the moment they recognize the well-known cadence of a sales pitch. Get around this by investing serious effort into your pre-call research. Then each message sounds personally crafted for the client by someone who gets what they need.

Keep Pushing

What's working and what's not? Are you hitting your numbers, and under what circumstances do you fall short? If you haven't hit your goal this week, don't let it drop. Add the missing numbers to next week's goal and keep going. Keep your drive constantly high and you'll blast past the competition.
Becoming a successful salesperson requires effort and strategy. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for those with the passion to succeed, the effort and planning will pay off handsomely in the end.