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4 Helpful Tips for Effectively Managing Employees

Kevin Gardner Sep 24, 2019
Managing a group of employees is no easy task. Each employee is unique in personality, skill set, strengths and weaknesses. Each manager is unique as well and, as with any other profession, there are good managers and bad managers. Being a good manager means knowing how to effectively lead your employees no matter what their unique differences are.


To be an effective manager, you need to keep the lines of communication open in both directions. This means letting them know project goals, deadlines, providing them positive/negative feedback, ways they can improve and any other happenings.
This also means leaving your door open so that employees feel they can come to you to address any situation.

Positive Reinforcement

Many times managers focus on highlighting only what is negative as it pertains to production and efficiency. However, focusing on this alone creates a lack of motivation in the workplace.
If you were only hearing negative feedback about your performance, you would feel undervalued. A manager must also tell employees when they are doing a good job.


Make sure you are taking the time to interact with your employees. This could mean just talking to them and checking in on them throughout the day.
Even better, go work right alongside them. Employees tend to resent managers who micromanage and then see the manager doing nothing himself/herself.

Human Resources

If you have a Human Resource department, then put it to good use. Make sure that your HR department generates monthly or quarterly reports. These high quality reports can be done manually or through computers.
Either way, these reports provide you much feedback about every employee within your organization. The best hr reports contain vital information.